Modifying the Base Anaconda Environment

If modifying the base Anaconda environment instead of creating new environments, please ensure the following are set correctly:

Note: Ensure you are logged in as the superuser that installed Anaconda in the past.


  • Determine the proper permissions are set by issuing: ls -la /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda/anaconda/extras
  • Set the umask by issuing: umask ####

User and Group

After installation of the IzODA Extras packages, it has been found that the UID and GID for /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda/anaconda/extras may be set incorrectly. To fix this: - Determine if the proper owner and group is set by issuing: ls -la /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda/anaconda/extras - If necessary, change the owner and group by issuing: chown -Rh UID:GID /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda/anaconda/extras